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Contact your local “vuxenutbildning” (komvux)

Komvux is short for Kommunal Vuxenutbildning, meaning adult education given by the municipality. Komvux is free of charge and offers courses in Swedish (SFI, Swedish for immigrants, and the higher level courses SVA, Swedish as a second language), but also in many other subjects.

The purpose of komvux is to give adults a chance to learn Swedish, but also to study the courses they are missing to be eligible for university or other types of educational paths. Komvux also has a lot of vocational programmes given at upper secondary school level. You can add courses to your previous education, but also finish a high school degree if you need to at Komvux.

To plan your studies with someone at Komvux, follow theses steps:
– go to the website of your municipality
– find the page for education or utbildning
– from there find contact information for adult education or vuxenutbildning. 

Feel free to contact us if you are finding it hard to find the right information.

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