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Here are other companies also working with career coaching if you need that extra push to further advance in your career. Check them out!

MaxSpire Consulting

MaxSpire’s vision is to inspire the society by enriching lives. MaxSpire Consulting can handle multilingual Swedish, English, French, Tamil, Hindi and Bengali Speaking clients.Their clients are swedish executive managers seeking leadership coaching, students and newly arrived immigrants to sweden seeking career and job guidance, new startup owners seeking guidance and clarity to acheive their business goals and objectives. The investments are your time, faith and interest which of course comes with an affordable fee and the returns are way beyond expectation because it about the ”priceless you” and your own growth and future! Few words cited from clients: 

”Job coaching at Maxspire consulting gave me a clarity and helped me to priortize my needs. Your coaching helped me to visualize my problems, derive solutions, take greater responsibility & accountability for my actions or commitments. Thank you for a well-constructed strategic meeting.” -Senior Manager.

 “I feel immensely satisfied with your guidance and mentoring through the sessions that you have conducted so far. The instructions and the guidance you have provided is so helpful, clear  and informative. I could learn and explore few options as per your instructions. Thank you so much for being my mentor ” – Newly arrived immigrant to Sweden. 

The Job Coach

The Job Coach offers a variety of services customized to you and your needs. Leveraging our recruiting experience from behind the hiring desk, we’ll make sure that you have all the tips and advice you need to get your professional profile noticed.

Founded by Greg Fernando, a transplanted Canadian now living in Sweden, we understand how difficult it can be to transition to a new workplace, or wanting to establish your career! Our promise to you is to treat you with respect and deliver top-notch support, regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what your working experience is.  And while we’re enjoying outstanding success with our CV to interview ratio, as well as our interview to hire numbers…YOU are always our top priority.

Finding work can be hard. Our goal is to make it easier.


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