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Late application for university in Sweden!

The international site for university applications in Sweden is . However, there are programs and courses given in English listed on the Swedish site as well.

– On the international site, simply click “Find courses” and then choose “Open for application” in the left hand column, to find courses and programmes with late application. 

– On, click “Sök utbildning” and then “Öppna för anmälan” in the left hand column.      

– Then click “Visa alla filter” and click “Engelska” under the heading “Undervisningsspråk”. You will get all the hits for courses and programmes open for late application and given in English. You can also filter your search in the left hand column to find courses at a specific university, courses given online, and according to subject (called “Ämnen”). A lot of the search results will be in Swedish anyways, but if you click “Mer information”, there should be a link to the university website where you should be able to find information in English (or who you can contact to find out more)

If you need more help with this, contact us for individual guidance! 

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