Finding work in Sweden; consequences of the Coronavirus crisis so far

June 25, 2020

Finding work in Sweden; consequences of the Coronavirus crisis so far
Unemployment rates continue to increase in Sweden as a consequence of the current Coronavirus pandemic. However, there are still jobs to apply for but to find work might involve looking for other jobs than what you were planning on.

Annika Sundén, Director of Labour Market Analysis at Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Employment Service), tells Dagens Nyheter  that the crisis has especially affected business sectors like tourism, hospitality and jobs where short term employment is common. These are business areas in Sweden where many workers are young as well as foreign-born. Annika Sundén continues to tell Dagens Nyheter that this is a good time to look into study opportunities to increase employability, but also to widen your perspective considering the type of work you would normally apply to.  The Swedish Employment Service has launched the hashtag #jobbjust nu, for job listings where employers need staff urgently. This is also a good indication of what job opportunities are out there. On May 15, The Swedish Employment Service listed the 20 most advertised job categories in April 2020, we have made a note about which jobs usually or always require Swedish:

  1. Nurses *
  2. Nursing assistants **
  3. Elementary school teachers **
  4. Care assistants **
  5. Personal assistants**
  6. Customer service**
  7. Telemarketers**
  8. Account managers**
  9. Software and system developers
  10. Warehouse workers
  11. Drivers/ Delivery drivers
  12. Preeschool teachers**
  13. Event sales manager **
  14. Care worker
  15. Upper secondary school teachers**
  16. Truck drivers
  17. After-school activity teacher**
  18. Cleaner
  19. Sports coach
  20. Prison officer*
*Requires Swedish
*Usually requires Swedish, but if offered at an international school or company, might be open for non-Swedish speakers as well.
It is very common that jobs in Sweden are advertised in Swedish even if the actual job might not require Swedish, so it is always a good idea to learn some Swedish to be able to find, understand and apply to more jobs (even if you apply and work in English).
Applying for a different job than what you were planning might be hard at first, however practicing how to turn your experience into transferable skills is a job search strategy you can use for the rest of your career. Experience from a different industry than your own, might also teach you valuable work life skills that you can use later on when applying for work more in line with your personal career goals.


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