Find out if your profession has a fast track program in Sweden

August 28, 2020

Find out if your profession has a fast track program in Sweden

Many people coming to Sweden are already trained professionals, but still find it hard to find a qualified job in Sweden within their field. To help people find qualified work, the Public Employment Agency organizes a series of fast track programs in collaboration with Swedish universities and other organizations working with study and career advancement.

Depending on the profession you have, there are different requirements to work within your field in Sweden. These requirements could be a Swedish certificate, language requirements, work experience etc. You can find a list of regulated professions in Sweden here, and also the appropriate authority to contact to find out what you need to do to work in that field with a foreign degree.

 If your profession is not regulated, sometimes all you need is a network, the right contacts and sharpening your CV with language skills and other useful experience that will compete with other applicants. Doing this on your own can be hard, and that is exactly why the Public Employment Agency has created these fast tracks.
Currently, there are fast tracks for the following professions/areas of work:

• Animal health keepers
• Electricians 
• Energy industry workers
• Property work
• Chefs
• Truck drivers
• Medical staff
• Teachers 
• Painters
• Economists, lawyers and professionals with a degree in social science
• Butchers and bakers
• Wood and furniture industry workers

To find out if you can take part in a fast track program, speak to your contact person at Arbetsförmedlingen (the Public Employment Agency) and mention “Snabbspåret” (meaning “the fast track” in Swedish). There are also other organizations organizing similar programs, read more about that here, under “Join a mentoring program or a professional network”.


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