Recognition of your foreign degree

November 10, 2020

Graduates with foreign degrees

If you have a foreign degree, you can apply for recognition of it in order to plan your studies or to attach to your CV. There is also a self assessment tool that you can use to find out directly what your degree is equivalent to in the Swedish educational system.

There are two main reasons for finding out what your foreign degree is equivalent to in the Swedish educational system. One is to be able to see which subjects you have and if they meet the requirements for a certain program. This is why it is good to find out both what your upper secondary school degree is equivalent to as well as your higher degree. As long as it is a finished degree you can apply for recognition here.

The other reason is to attach the recognition to your CV, in order for the recruiter or employer to understand what your degree means in the Swedish context. For a lot of employers this is hard to know on their own.

The actual application only takes about thirty minutes if you have your documents ready, but the process of getting your validated documents takes a few months. To find out faster, you can also use this self assessment service.

Even if your profession is regulated and you need a specific certificate to work in Sweden and this is a process with a different authority, it is a good idea to use the service anyways because it might help you find a job while you are studying or waiting for your certificate. In many cases, you need to translate your original documents for both purposes (as well as applying for higher education), so why not apply for a recognition while you are at it.

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