Need help finding out what you can do with your professional skills in Sweden?

January 6, 2021

If you are currently looking for work, and if you are also new in Sweden, it might be hard to know which jobs you can apply for. The National Employment Agency have created quite a few different forms for a variety of professions, where you can evaluate the skills you have and where they can come into use.

Thinking about skills you have from past work experience, study experience and general life experience is a great start when brainstorming what type of work you could do and how to use your skills from one professional field in another. This is called transferable skills and is particularly useful when you are looking for work in a completely new context, such as a new country. You might not be able to find work directly in your professional field because you need to first study Swedish,  your professional field might not be as big in Sweden as in other countries, or you might just want to change your career here in Sweden.

The National Employment Agency have forms for 36 different professional areas where you can create an inventory of your skills and also find out in which professional areas they can be used. It is a way to start thinking about what you already know and also find out where in the Swedish labor market your skills are needed.  It can also serve as inspiration for how to phrase your CV or cover letter when applying for a job that you have no prior experience from. Check out the forms here!

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