Fresh facts from Yrkeshögskolan (Vocational college in Sweden)

May 5, 2021

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In their latest annual report, Yrkeshögskolan shows that most students are 35 or older in their new concept with shorter programs and courses.

In 2020, a new concept was launched within Yrkeshögskolan, with shorter programs and courses to both match the needs of the job market, but also allow more people to change or add to their career faster. Here are a few short facts about this new concept, shared in their recently published annual report.

  • – 9700 people applied to one of the 177 programs and courses offered during 20202.
  • – 25 % of the programs and courses offered were within Accounting/Bookkeeping,      Administration and Sales. The second largest field of education was IT, accounting for 18 % of the courses offered.
  • – 62 % of applicants were women.
  • – 64 % of applicants were 35 or older
  • – 64 % of students were studying part-time.
What is Yrkeshögskolan?
Yrkeshögskolan provides higher vocational education and may only offer educational paths that lead to professions that are in high demand in the Swedish labor market. The educational programs are in general shorter than university degree programs and focus more on practical aspects and training while also including internships. Yrkeshögskolan offers education within a wide variety of professional fields and general eligibility is a little less than for university, when it comes to language requirements.
Find all their subject fields and educational paths here, and choose a subject area. On the next page, you can tick the box in the left search filter column saying Engelska under the heading Undervisningsspråk to find courses and programs given in English.

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