Moving to Sweden interviews

Interviews with expats: Tareq

Moving to Sweden: Tareq

The political science student from Syria who talks about not giving up, how to create a social life, and learning Swedish in an action based way


Moving to Sweden: Jullietta

Jullietta, the spontaneous Bulgarian photographer who shares her insights on how to network in Sweden, the perks of moving to a small town in Sweden and how she has picked up new work-place skills

Interviews with expats: Alicja

Moving to Sweden: Alicja

Alicja, the German teacher from Poland who now teaches Swedish for immigrants, and has something to say about the stereotype of Swedes being hard to get to know

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Moving to Sweden: Tomas

Tomas, the British author and communicator who shares his Becoming Swedish project and talks about the potential perks of coming to Sweden without knowing anyone

Interviews with expats: Lucie

Moving to Sweden: Lucie

The New Yorker who married a Swede and combined her jump rope passion with her English skills and ended up at her dream job at Husbygårdskolan