Our goal

Moving to Sweden provides free, individual study and career guidance online for newcomers in Sweden. Our guidance is provided by counselors holding at least a bachelor’s degree in study and career counseling and with extensive experience in guiding expats in Sweden.

We follow the ethical principles declared by the Swedish Association of Guidance Counsellors. More info…

Why we do it

We know that finding your study and career path in a new country is hard to do on your own!

We provide individual guidance for free because we understand the frustration and insecurities that occur when doing the research on your own. We want to make your transition to Sweden as smooth as possible.

Please note that we are in no way connected to any authority and the advice or information we provide is in no way legally binding. But we are very happy to help!

The jellyfish?

Our logo has a jellyfish as we find them to be a good metaphor for expats:

”Jellyfish are not just bags of jelly drifting passively in the oceans,” (…) “They are incredibly advanced in their orientation abilities.” (Source: treehugger.com)

But even a jellyfish might need some guidance at times!